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Robert Kennedy Jr-ray-marianna-dhara-rahasya

We put the word out to a few people we know and the word got out that we needed the community to step up and say how they feel about us…at this point I will let the letters speak for themselves. There’s actually many more letter but I think this is enough for now. To see our coverage of the Paradise CampFire you can visit

Lotus Guide Center

To whom it may concern:

Please consider Dhara, Rahasya, and the Lotus Guide for the grant they have applied for.  They have a wonderful opportunity to create a wellness and information center to support the people of Paradise as the town is repopulated.  Any resources you could provide will help get this worthy effort started.  These two wonderful people have a history of helping their community and I have complete faith they will create something we can all be proud of.
We have a keen interest in this project.  I am the founder of a group called Doctors Against Disease who came together recently to play our part to end the chronic disease epidemic.  We are currently organizing our people to help support the wellness center.  Our goal is to work with Dhara, Rahasya, and the people of Paradise to rebuild the healthiest community possible by focusing on actions that will promote the health of both individuals and community.
Thank you for your consideration and please feel free to contact me directly if I can help in any way.

Sincerely, Mike Gainza, Doctors Against Disease Cell (530) 520-6086

Lotus Guide Center

To whom it may concern,
The Lotus Guide has long since been (and is) a very respected and beneficial publication that so many in the North State look to and value for its coverage and perspectives on the most important issues. I have personally known and respected Rahasya and Dhara for over 10 years, in that time I have been witness to their relentless attention to informing their readers in the most grounded and non-bias way possible. I hope that the Lotus Guide Center will receive the needed assistance to get this very valuable project up and running.
Most sincerely
Dane Wigington, Lead researcher,
PO Box 9
Bella Vista Ca 96008
Lotus Guide Center
To: Logan Todd, North Valley Community Foundation
Re: Letter of Reference for Rahasya Poe. & Dhara Lemos

With deep joy I recommend Rahasya & Dhara. 15 Years ago when I first met them, I said to myself these are quality people and over the years we have become close personal friends and they have proven themselves to be individuals of deep integrity and practical wisdom – what they say they will do, they do.
     Lotus Guide is an excellent example of their tenacity of commitment. They began with only sufficient funds for one issue. Now after 15 years of dedication to serving the community, they have published issue 69. Obviously this stellar accomplishment could only be achieved with a high decree of commitment, practical wisdom and persistence – what they say they will do, they do. They have a large, loyal following.
Now after the Camp fire their commitment to the needs of the community manifests as the establishment of a Resource Center to heal and rebuild Paradise.

Without reservation I wholeheartedly recommend Rahasya &. Dhara — the Resource Center is a perfect extension of Lotus Guide’s commitment to serve the needs of the community.

Sincerely, Dr. Robert Basham, Retired: Consultant, Teacher, Therapist
Lotus Guide Center
We have heard about many responses / ideas to rebuilding the Town of Paradise.  We have seen almost none.  Finally something to help the little guy, the poor and the needy of Paradise.  This sounds like a big step because it is needed so much.  To be able to do such a task would require a die-hard, get it done somehow attitude.  Dhara and Rahasya fill those requirements.
     We, Jack and Linda Farnsworth, were owners of the Holistic Water Store of Paradise.  We have know Dhara and Rahasya for many years and have seen and experienced first hand their dedication and work effort.  What they have done for others in the past has given them the experience to tackle a much harder and most needed healing process in Paradise.
     We are confident that the Center will open soon and be run successfully for the many years that this challenge will take.  We are sure that their prayers will be answered and that many will be blessed by the Lotus Guide Center for Healing and Information.
Jack & Linda Farnsworth
Lotus Guide Center
My husband and I had the pleasure of leasing a residence several years ago to Rahasya and Dhara Poe.  It was without a doubt one of the best experiences we’ve had as landlords.  We have remained friends over the years, and are confident they can achieve anything they put their minds to.  Their service and dedication to the community is invaluable.
Chris and Davida Geyer , 831-277-3678,
Lotus Guide Center
To whom it may concern. The Lotus Guide, in general is and has always been first and foremost a humanitarian endeavor. They rented office and living facilities from me for years and I witnessed these efforts repeatedly. What ever they touch will become good. Reverend Robert Seals.
Lotus Guide Center

I have worked with Rahasya in the new media industry for the past 2 years, on weekly and quarterly projects, and lived in the same community of Paradise for 15 years. Rahasya and Dhara are two very thoughtful, caring, conscious people whose mission is to be of service to the benefit of others, a quality we hold in highest regard. Caring for others and empowering others requires active listening, inspiration, love and understanding, and Rahasys and Dhara magnify these qualities. I hold them in the highest regard!

Thoughtfully Considered,Douglas Newsom
Co-founder BBS Network, Inc. (BBS Radio)
1500 Pleasant Hill Rd., Lafayette, CA 94549, (530) 240-5861

Lotus Guide Center

February 18, 2019
To: Grant Organization
From: Gayle Kimball,
The Camp Fire destroyed over 85% of Paradise, as discussed in my radio interview with a panel of five leaders in the reconstruction ( The need for reconstruction and positive support is crystal clear. I’ve known the editors of the regional magazine The Lotus Guide since its inception as I write a column for them. Rahasya and Dhara know how to do outreach, bring people together, and envision a better future. Since their home is near the burn area, they understand the issues. Their proposal to organize a Lotus Guide Center for Healing and Information is much needed and they have the skills and dedication to make the project a success. They have a head start with an art studio that somehow escaped the fire as office space. I look forward to offering workshops at LGC. Thank you for funding a much-needed assist for a devastated community.
Lotus Guide Center
It has been my great pleasure to spend thirty years time developing both a professional and personal relationship with Rahasya. I have benefited from his experience, advice and help on many occasions.
He has a broad knowledge of business. He is thoroughly familiar with project management, compliance and technical analysis. He has a wide acquaintance in the advertising, publishing and info/media fields.
Both Rahasya and his wife Dhara are educated, well informed and dedicated to bringing a better life to the people whose lives they influence. Their spiritual passion illuminates the powerful potential of emotional wellness. Their values, responsibility toward truth, sincerity, accountability, vision and courage are those of our kindred spirits. Together they represent that priceless ingredient necessary for success: Honor and Integrity.
Albert Einstein said “Only a life in the service of others is worth living“. As ambassadors to this belief, their record cannot fail to convince you of their abilities. Help them! Trust them! I will continue to support them with all that my position and influence provides.
Sincerely yours, Philip A. Rusch, Structural Field Engineer, UBC Brd Del
Tahoe 530 600-2053, Vegas 702 622-6194
Lotus Guide Center
To whom it may concern,
I have worked with Rahasya Poe for the last 15 years.  I got to know him when I was the underwriting sales director at KZFR community radio. Rahasya has always been an excellent communicator and community organizer. He and his wife have been involved in creating a healthy, positive community on all levels.
A big part of their local print magazine is cultivating community and giving a voice to local issues that need addressing.  They are excellent organizers, advocates, and entrepreneurs. Two of my very favorite people actually.
Kind regards, Shelly Mariposa , Edible Shasta Butte Magazine , (530) 891-8204
Lotus Guide Center

To Whom it may concern,

Rahasya and Dhara have been highly valued members of our community for many years. They have provided important information in the heath and wellness field through The Lotus Guide, as well as a venue for local practitioners to share their knowledge. The Lotus Guide has been serving our community and the surrounding area for over 15 years and is an important resource guide.
I was very excited to hear that a much needed resource center would be opening soon in Paradise. There is a great need for this center especially after the ravaging effects of the Camp Fire last year. The loss is so great.
Both Rahasya and Dhara are kind compassionate people who care deeply for our community. Their integrity, commitment and hard work is evident in the many years of service to this area.
There is a great need for this center. I strongly feel that this center can be an important part of our healing process for Paradise and surrounding communities. 
I believe Rahasya and Dhara will meet the needs of running this center and most likely exceed expectations. Please support their efforts in providing a much needed center for our community.
Sincerely,  Amaji Fox, 530-953-5964,
Lotus Guide Center

To Whom it May Concern,

The Lotus Guide Center is, in my view, extremely important for this community. Rahasya and Dhara have worked hard to integrate into the community and to be supportive of those who have chosen to interact with them. I myself have advertised in Lotus Guide for the past year, and it has helped me significantly.
They have shared with me some of their plans, which include re-energizing Paradise, by starting a practitioner group there. Their energies go toward the community, and that’s where we need them to be!

I hope that they are supported in their endeavors.

Sincerely, Judy Chambers, MA, CCCSLP/A

Lotus Guide Center

February 21, 2019
RE: Lotus Guide Center for Healing & Information

My name is Jessie Woods and I own a business and spiritual center located in Red Bluff, about an hour from Paradise. We are a small community that depends upon the business partnerships that we build and their desire to be of benefit to their communities.  The Lotus Center, under Rahasya & Dhara’s direction, are one such company.
Over the years I have enjoyed a great working relationship with Rahasya & Dhara and have seen firsthand their dedication to being a leader in their community. The follow through that they bring to any project they undertake is invaluable and the creative way they approach problems with inventive solutions brings opportunities that could have been missed without their direction.
     I fully support Rahasya and Dhara in their current endeavor of giving assistance to the Paradise community after this tragic event. I am confident that they will bring a level of expertise that cannot be matched.

Jessie Woods, Red Bluff Gold Exchange~The Gratitude Center,

Lotus Guide Center

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing this letter of reference for the benefit of Rahasya and Dhara who run a publication called The Lotus Guide out of Magalia, CA. I have been a reader of their publication for a few years now and have been impressed by the level of reporting in both their publication and their radio show.
Immediately after the CAMP fires hit the Butte County area, both Rahasya and Dhara rose to the challenge of helping the community in such a stressful time of crisis. YouTube videos were regularly posted with high quality reporting of the situation on a day by day basis. When they announced their goal of wanting to open up the Lotus Guide Center for Healing & Information in the middle of the Paradise wreckage I knew immediately that I wanted to align with their mission and donate services to this cause as well. I along with many others have already stepped up to provide healing, mediation and other services free of charge to the community.
By providing the proposed center with the necessary funding to open and operate the Lotus Guide Center for Healing and Information, I am confident that it will be a very successful operation in service to the community.

Regards, Yasmin West,

Lotus Guide Center

To whom it may concern,

We are the California Therapy Horses, a non-profit located at 43 Canyon Drive in Oroville CA. We have utilized the Lotus Guide for advertising and they have hosted an article about our work here in Oroville supporting horses and humans healing together. We are very confident that this couple will meet and exceed any expectations to run this Paradise center and support the community however they can. They have been a hub of information and support over the years to all.
     I highly recommend them for any grants or financial assistance available to help all who have been devastated by the Camp Fire.

Best Regards, Shannon Paige, President, The California Therapy Horses

Lotus Guide Center

February 20, 2019
To Whom It May Concern,

I have known and worked with Rahasya Poe and Dhara Lemos since 2004, having helped them publish the Lotus Guide from the very beginning, 69 issues and counting. I have watched them overcome numerous obstacles to keep on going despite all the challenges that come with starting and continuing such a venture. They have persevered in the face of those challenges—the Camp Fire is only the latest—and they have made a success of it. Running a regularly published magazine requires great organizational skills, attention to detail, adherence to deadlines, and consistent follow-through. I firmly believe that they have pursued publishing the magazine because of a deep-rooted desire to do good, to spread the word, and to serve their community. That desire now spills over into their proposed community center to help Paradise begin to recover. After working with them for 15 years, I can say that I have no doubt that they have all the skills and the will to make a success of the Lotus Guide Center for Healing & Information.

Sincerely, Karen Bleske
Fine Print Copyediting 1734 Broadway Street Chico CA 95928

Lotus Guide Center

This is a letter of reference for Dhara Lemos and Rahasya Poe in relation to the opening of the Lotus Guide Center for Healing and Awareness.  I recommend Dhara and Rahasya without reservation.  I am an author and spiritual teacher.  In the last 10 years I have published 4 books and 3 DVD’s, dealing with healing ourselves and our world through the power of our spirituality.  I have advertised and printed articles in Lotus Guide Magazine for several years now, and I have had gotten to know Dhara and Rahasya personally and had the opportunity to watch them do the work they do.  As far as their ability to reach the expectations for the new center, one needs look no farther than their achievement of the last 15 years, Lotus Guide Magazine.  Even though it’s a quarterly magazine, it is absolutely at the top of its genre as far as quality and integrity.  I know how hard they work and I know how devoted they are to their mission of helping to heal our troubled world by helping people help themselves.  And now their mission has expanded to help the community of Paradise to rebuild, and I am certain they will approach this with the same devotion and conviction.

JACK ALLIS, Author & Spiritual Teacher,
18100 Ager Beswick Rd Montague CA 96064, (530) 905-2944 –

Lotus Guide Center

We, Mark LIght, MD and Vickie Van Scyoc, RN have known Rahasya, Dhara, and many individuals connected to the Lotus Guide and in the healing arts for many year’s.  We have seen them in action and they are organized, caring and respected people in the Butte County. We need a healing center, especially now.  These are the best people to run one.

Sincerely, Dr. Light and Vickie Van Scyoc,
Lotus Guide Center

February 20, 2019
Re:  Letter of Reference for Rahasya Poe and Dhara Lemos

To Whom It May Concern,

The intent of this letter is to provide the highest reference for Rahasya Poe and Dhara Lemos, co-publishers of Lotus Guide Magazine, a preeminent healthy living publication in Northern California. It has been an honor knowing them for over 13 years, first as dedicated messengers and teachers, then as dear friends and creative works colleagues. I have experienced numerous venues and public events where their contributions have greatly facilitated the health, well-being, and information awareness for the communities and readership they so unselfishly serve.
Rahasya and Dhara were guests in my Texas home when the Paradise Camp Fire took place.  Together, we shared both horror and compassion for all those impacted, as well as uncertainty regarding the safety of their personal home and business.  I was a privileged witness for their immediate and unselfish commitment to others as Rahasya and Dhara searched heart and soul for how they could best help in the restoration of this beloved community.
True to their healthy living mission, Rahasya and Dhara, along with dedicated partners and community leaders, are committed to establishing and leading the Lotus Guide Center for Healing and Information amidst the ashes of what once was, and the ground of what shall once again be, the beautiful community of Paradise, California.  I am confident that Rahasya and Dhara’s leadership and contributions will result in service excellence, high accountability, and unquestionable trust for any undertaking they lead, especially in a time when these values are so highly needed.
Should you need to contact me directly for additional information about Rahasya and Dhara, please feel free to call, email, using the contact information below.

Yours truly, Pamela Jamian, 530-519-1250;

Lotus Guide Center

I am honored to write this letter in reference to Rahasya and Dhara. Our first meeting was in advertising for my first authored book in 2014. Rahasya read my book and wrote a heartwarming and very precise review for their publication. Since that first meeting we have been in contact through many community events. They amaze me with their dedication to the community of Paradise. I serve as an active board member for the Paradise Spiritual Center and have contacted them on several occasions in aiding some of our fund raisers. They responded to each request and have participated in assistance asked for. Their passion is evident for our community and it is contagious. They will certainly succeed at building and maintaining a center for this community in need of healing.
We are blessed to have them as leaders in our community and I am more than confident they will exceed any expectations in pursuing any betterment of the Paradise community and running a center for that purpose.

Please feel free to contact me if you need further clarification of character reference or any other way I can be helpful.

Sincerely, Johanne Carreau, 530-518-4788,

Lotus Guide Center

To whom it may concern, Rahasya Poe and Dhara Lemos have been a powerful, influential and loving influence in my life. I’m 56 years old and have always wanted to connect with people about important issues of the time. Rahasya and Dhara and their magazine the Lotus Guide have created the space for that to happen in a large portion of Northern California and far beyond that with their work on the Internet. In this day and age we need citizen exploration and conversation about pressing issues more than ever. I fully support them and how they are providing physical, emotional and spiritual support for the victims of the campfire.
The support center that they are creating is an amazing gesture of compassion and wisdom. They have multiple skills and the biggest network of caring neighbors to help them Staff and enhance the center. It will be a beacon of light in the darkness. I look forward to volunteering to help.

Peter Melton 45 Verde Way, Watsonville, CA 95076 530-680-5550

Lotus Guide Center

Leigh Ann Lipscomb, Ph.D., 13 Glenoak Ct, Chico, CA 95926

February 24, 2019

To whom it may concern:

I am writing to support the grant applications that Rahasya Poe and Dhara Lemos have made to open the Lotus Guide Center for Healing at 6268 Skyway in Paradise, California. As many are aware, Paradise has suffered horrific losses due to the fire in late 2018. There is a great need for healing and resources in Paradise, and Rahasya and Dhara have stepped up to the plate to support the community in this endeavor. Rahasya and Dhara are extremely capable people with a demonstrated ability to support Northern California communities.      They have managed and operated the Lotus Guide, a local publication, whose purpose has been to provide cutting-edge information on healing services both within our community and beyond. The Lotus Guide is tremendously successful with a readership of over 20,000+ people, not to mention their Community Email list with over 9,000 residents. In this capacity, Rahasya and Dhara have made many contacts with people in the community that can support the Lotus Guide Center for Healing in various ways. Over the years, Rahasya and Dhara have had many successful projects that have benefited the community, and I know that the Lotus Guide Center for Healing will be no different.

Please feel free to contact me at the e-mail address above if that is helpful.

Thank you for your consideration.

Sincerely, Leigh Ann Lipscomb, Ph.D.

Lotus Guide Center

To whom it may concern,

In my years of knowing both Rahasya and Dhara as friends as well as professionally, I have found them to be two of the finest people I have ever known. Besides being extremely ethical, they seem to have unlimited energy and are dedicated to helping others on a personal level as well as helping the community that they are so much a part of. If I ever needed help, I would not hesitate to call on them. I am proud to be part of their wide and diverse circle of friends and would welcome the opportunity to help them in any way that I could. They seem to be completely selfless and put the needs of the community above their own interests. I do not believe you could find two more generous and caring people.

Bill Unger, 530 828-5884

Lotus Guide Center

I am writing this letter in whole hearted support of opening the Lotus Guide Center in Paradise.  I have been a long time advertiser in the Lotus Guide and not only have they helped me build my business , they have helped me connect with my community. I have come to rely on Dhara and Rahasya for information support and hope. They are beacons of light for our community. I know this center will be an important hub for gathering and healing. I encourage anyone wanting to help paradise recover to support this center. Looking forward to rebuilding my beloved home town ! Teresa Miller, Owner Hair Body &Soul . Magalia resident,

Lotus Guide Center

To Whom it may concern,
My name is Kristiana, I am a business owner in Chico Ca.  I have owned Awakened Yoga for 10yrs and have had my Ad in the Lotus Guide for many years.  I personally and professionally know Rahasya and Dhara , they are very well respected in the paradise and surrounding counties.  I am very confident that they will exceed the expectations of running the center,  their passion for community and healing is inspiring for others.
Kristiana Lopez

Lotus Guide Center

February 24, 2019
Dear Rahasya and Dhara,

I am so excited to read that you are both moving forward with another dream – to open a center for the community that assists with connecting resources, the community, and allowing everyone to participate in a local healing while serving the larger and global community.
With both of your commitment to high conscious intention, I have no doubt that you and your team will reach the goal beyond your own expectations.
     I appreciate the work you both have committed to and your consistent keen listening to what is needed in the community.  I look forward to the manifestation of this critical project for the community.  Let me know when you need me to volunteer my knowledge and skill.

Sincerely, Rowena P. Duncan – BCST, CMT, CHt.

236 W. East Avenue, Suite A, PMB 116, Chico, CA 95926, 530-228-1883, FaceBook: AINI Wellness Center

Lotus Guide Center

03-02-19: To Whom it May Concern,

My name is Jean Louise Green.  I am a business owner in Chico, CA.  I have been advertising with the Lotus Guide since 2011.  The horrible fires in our communities have taken a very big toll here.  People are starting to get their feet back under them and many of them need a lot of  help to put their lives together anew.
The Lotus Guide needs our help and is very worthy of being supported.  The publishers, Dhara and Rahasya have plans in mind that will help our communities prosper again.  Their magazine promotes skilled professionals that work in the healing arts.  I am one of them.  I am so grateful to be an advertiser with them.  They have upped my business considerably through the years and have allowed me a voice of education to the public.  They have published many articles in their magazine that I have written.  And with the articles, my phone rings and I prosper.
Please provide the grants that will allow this incredible team to continue serving the current needs of our communities.  They will help our people get back on track, and they will follow through with their plans.  Deeply rooted, the Lotus Guide publishers are dedicated to this place and the wellbeing of our people.  Please support the project for their Center in Paradise, CA. 

Thank you! Jean Louise Green, CMT, Certified Practitioner of Structural Integration and Author

Lotus Guide Center

To Whom it May Concern,

When Dhara and Rahasya informed me that they were beginning an initiative in Paradise, CA to help the community heal from the Camp Fire tragedy, I was hardly surprised. They are two of the most compassionate people I have ever met and have always been incredibly involved in their local community.
Our relationship began based on business. My company engaged the Lotus Guide for advertising in their well known magazine. In turn, they engaged DK Web Design for web design and development services. Since then, I have gotten to know them on a deeper level and have complete faith in their commitment to open, maintain, and assist the Paradise community with the Lotus Guide Center for Healing and Information.
The Paradise Community is lucky to have such caring and compassionate citizens among them who are constantly striving for positive change. I personally look forward to referring affected friends and family members to the services at the Lotus Guide Center for Healing and Information and hope that you can see the incredible value this will bring to the community.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions in relation to this statement. Sincerely,

Danielle Vogel, Owner, DK Web Design, LLC

383 Connors Court Suite D Chico, CA 95926 530-809-4989

Lotus Guide Center

Robert Kennedy Jr-ray-marianna-dhara-rahasya-paradise campfireBelieve it or not, there are many more letters available upon request and we will add a few more later. We, Rahasya & Dhara want to thank all of you who have stepped up to show support because this is not a “2 person” venture, we have the possibility of creating a whole network of people and organizations who can help rebuild Paradise and the surrounding areas in a new and more sustainable way.

The photo is of Ray Varlinsky, Marianna Love, Robert Kennedy Jr., Dhara Lemos, & Rahasya Poe. Ray & Marianna are supplying the space for the center and Marianna Love’s Art miraculously survived the fire. We are also working with Robert to let people know that there is legal help available at no cost.