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BioAcoustics: Sound Can Heal the Body’??s Imbalances

What is BioAcoustics? It is a natural and holistic way of using voice analysis to enable the body to balance itself. We gather information from the body in the form of â??voice prints,â? which are analyzed in terms of frequency.

An Interview with Drunvalo: Is Reality Real?

This was an exceptional interview with Drunvalo for a number of reasons, on of with was the candid way he answered some tough questions. Watch it on to see the whole interview.

Health Coaching from the Inside Out

Health Coaching from the Inside Out is based on the premise that no external source of information â??out thereâ? is meaningful or helpful to us unless it resonates with our own deep, internal sense of knowing.

Spiritual Bonds

From a spiritual point of view, souls come into this life with a plan and souls often have agreements with other souls that will be part of their lives here on Earth. Sometimes these agreements are called â??soul contractsâ? or â??spiritual contracts.â?

A History of Colon Hydrotherapy

In early 1900s, Dr. John Kellogg, a skilled surgeon, initiated the use of colon irrigation. He used colon irrigation along with healthy high-fiber food to treat many gastrointestinal diseases, to minimize surgeries, and to promote healthy colons.

The Flowers and the Bees

The flowers, the bees, and all of the vegetables and fruits absolutely depend on this intense heat to mature and ripen so that we can eat. What an amazing process it is that too many people take for grantedâ??food does not come from the stores.

Honed Skills

Furthermore, as I age, and because Iâ??m more comfortable with my gifts, I notice that my skills are increasing. As a child I knew only how to sense peopleâ??s feelings, but now I can often hear their thoughts, and I can help them move unwanted energy…

Optimizing Structure, Function, and Energy

Like a building, human structure is subject to laws that state that masses must be balanced in order to be stable. Stackable segments of the body include the head, torso, pelvis, and so on.

The Evolutionary Edge of Consciousness

It is a luxury to do anything less. You have done a lot of work to get where you are, havenâ??t you? For what? Now that you have found yourself, what are you going to do with her? You are already a demonstration, an influence on those around you.

A Time for Change

What are the questions we nee to be asking ourselves to prepare and be part of the Change that we all feel is in the air?