Ancient Wisdom Traditions

Ancient Wisdom Traditions

Ancient Wisdom Traditions evolved through cultures with a core of traditions, beliefs, teachings and practices that were expanded, maintained and held sacred by the people who believed and practiced them. This ancient wisdom was preserved and handed down from generation to generation often through lineages of wise ones, elders, or the enlightened teachers. Shamanism, Buddhism, Sufism, Feng Shui, Native American and Celtic Spirituality, I Ching, Tai Chi, Western Religion, Eastern Religion, Gnostics are some of the Ancient Wisdom Traditions that can lead us to a richer understanding about our connection to Life, our Earth, relationships, health, wellness, and our deepest Selves.

Suryamuni Healing Center
Lipa Noi Beach, Thailand

Suryamuni Healing Center is a non-profit spiritual healing center to help people with physical diseases or mental disorders and for transformation and spiritual growth to balance mind, spirit and body. The healing process can be supported by Herbal Treatment, Healing Massage and Karma Cleansing.

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Expanding Humanity
Louisville, KY

I work as an Intuitive Consultant, assisting people work through life issues to create the type of life they want to live. My passion is helping people connect with their intuitive side, to navigate the path of their own lives in a much more fulfilling manner.

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Inwood Valley Counseling and Ceremonials
Inwood Rd, Shingletown, CA 96088

IVCC, with primary practitioner Joseph Williams, offers real alternatives for personal and spiritual growth, balancing these in more holistic, integrative experience[s]. Please see my web site,, for more detailed information and description of services. And thank you for your interest.

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