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Shamanic Retrieval


By Annie Fuller, Spiritual Healer/Teacher Your joyful, innocent 5-year-old self wades in a bubbling stream while singing to deer, squirrels, and raccoons. She won’t come home to you if Daddy is still around. What happened at that age? A 40-year-old devoted mother feels an unexplained loss. In the upper worlds I meet a creative, 25-year-old… Read more »


Jim Redtail
Jim Redtail

 By Jim Redtail Collins, PhD   If you can’t discover … [the bars of the cage] … keeping you in, the will to get out soon becomes confused and ineffectual.”—Daniel Quinn, from the novel Ishmael   Many years ago, on my first “vision quest”—what the Lakota call the hanblechya, or “crying for a dream”—I had… Read more »

Blue Sun-Red Sun-A New Civilization

Jack Allis
Jack Allis

Creating the New World According to the Ancient Wisdom What Forces Must Come into Play? What Part Do You Play? By Jack Allis Few topics are more important than changing the world. It’s a wonder we don’t hear people talk about it more. One of the obvious reasons is that most people believe the world… Read more »

The Magic of the Hollow Bone

Jim Redtail
Jim Redtail

By Jim Redtail Collins, PhD In the wisdom teachings of the Lakota, it is said that our primary “spiritual” task is to become as a “hollow bone.” This teaching is embodied symbolically in the eagle bone whistle—a whistle carved from the wing bone of an eagle—worn by Sun Dancers and medicine people. It is chiefly… Read more »

Fate or Destiny?

By Jim Redtail Collins, PhD Would you like to let go of the need to learn through adversity and become a creative force in your own life?             Personal power—according to the shamans of Peru—involves two interrelated components: flexibility of perception and an attitude of complete responsibility for everything: the opposite of being a victim… Read more »

The Toltec Arts of Dreaming and Healing

By Dr. Arlan Cage, ND, L.Ac and Koyote the Blind According to official historians, the Toltec culture disappeared in the AD late 900s, leaving nothing more than mysterious cities, impressive pyramids, and rumors still maintained of an ancient culture of art and knowledge. Imagine their surprise when, in the late 20th century, Toltec men and… Read more »

Upgrading for Optimal Health

Upgrading for Optimal Health  By Jim Redtail Collins While modern medicine has largely ignored the wisdom of ancestral knowledge, a confluence of ancient wisdom and modern science is giving birth to a new understanding that places conscious choice and new adaptations of old technologies at the forefront of wellness. In my opinion, this new (old)… Read more »

Interview with Gary Zukav

There is a huge transformation of consciousness that is occurring and so many people know about this transformation of consciousness but not many of them have given thought to what it really is and what it requires of them.

Change Your Thoughtsâ??Change Your Mind

One can hardly help but look at our global societies and see that thereâ??s a problem, and the problem lies in the fact that we seem to be stuck with traditional worldviews that simply do not work.

Seeking Vision

My first visionary experience that I remember happened when I was 10 years old. I was delirious from a high fever caused by a virus that was a potential precursor to polio.