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In today’s business world, Banner Ad’s are one of the best “Call To Action” advertisement’s because your customer or client is “One Click” away from you. A great Banner Ad can work like magic with a little creativity, which we can help you with. The design cost is included, all we need is your information and any logos or graphics.

How It Works:

Please fill out the form below and upon completion click “Submit Banner Ad”. We will reach out to you to confirm we have received your application for a Banner Ad and answer any questions you may have. We look forward to talking with you!

Different Types of Banner Ads

Homepage Banner Ad: The homepage banner ad will be featured in the main content area of the homepage. This banner ad will be 1050px wide by 324px tall on full screens. Here is an example of a homepage banner ad:

Sidebar Banner Ad: The sidebar banner ad will can be featured in the sidebar of almost every page on the Lotus Guide website. This allows you to showcase your business on any page and to target specific users of the Lotus Guide website. This ad will be 500px wide by 305px tall on full width screens. An example of a sidebar banner ad can be seen in the sidebar on this page.


Is this a sidebar ad or homepage ad?